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Dr. Lotte: Science with Soul

These two interviews with Dr. Lotte were absolutely amazing. Her questions brought Ingrid to share knowledge and experiences with the Beings of Light she never shared before.

In this insightful Part 1 and 2 interview with Dr. Lotte, Ingrid Honkala, PhD. shared her two NDEs and spiritual transformative experiences that brought her to wake up. Click the links to listen to the podcasts or to watch the interviews on YouTube: Episode 1 & Episode 2

Sharing the Light of Loving-Awareness with Ingrid Honkala PhD

On Part 1 she recounted her first NDE and discussed the purpose of suffering and the power of connection. She talked about her encounters with Spirits and Beings of Light and brings clarity about the difference between them. She shared powerful guidance about how to elevate your vibrational frequency so you too can connect with Beings of Light.

Guided by the Light during Near-Death Out-of-Body Experience.

On Part 2 she talked about her second NDE, and shared amazing knowledge about who the Beings of Light are and how she is able to connect and communicate with them. She recounted incredible stories about how the Beings of Light saved her and her sister from danger by appearing in human form. She shared powerful teachings and tools that guide us to reconnect and rediscover our True Nature and shine like the Light we already are.


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