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Cuando Los Niños Ven el Cielo

"Según los Seres de Luz, el propósito del tiempo y la experiencia es ayudarnos a recordar... quién realmente somos" ~ Ingrid Honkala

Mis queridos amigos, hoy quiero compartir con ustedes un artículo escrito de manera muy bella titulado: "Un vistazo a la eternidad: los niños y las ECM". Por Evan Miller, editor colaborador de la revista New York Magazine Mysterious Ways. Edición Febrero - Marzo 2019. (Este articulo esta en ingles)


Conversations with The Beings of Light:

"Why did my NDE happened when I was so young?" I asked the Beings of Light.

"Because you were old enough to remember but young enough not to be conditioned yet," they replied. "Nothing in the Universe lacks purpose," they stated. Then they continued saying, "The purpose of time and experience is to help you remember."

From the time I was a little girl I always felt as if I was an observer. In young adulthood I was able to ask, “What is that that I am observing?”

“All of life,” the Beings of Light answered, then after a pause they added, “through your personal experience.”

This helped me understand the unique importance of my existence. I know that although we are one with the Whole, each of us is a unique emanation of the One, or God, or Whole. This is why the Beings of Light always referred to each one of us as special. Nothing in the universe lacks purpose. Every one of us is special because of the unique way in which we experience and perceive life. We are part of the universal flow of infinite creation always reinventing itself, manifesting, and eternally expanding.

Ingrid Honkala, PhD.


My autobiography reveals how after having a near death experience at the age of nearly three, the first glimpses of heaven were revealed to me and the doors that allow me to communicate with Beings of Light were opened. Since then a myriad of experiences that many could call as mystical and perhaps impossible have crossed my path. However the Beings of Light have made it clear to me that I am not here to convince anyone about anything but to be a giver of light.

To accomplish this purpose I have been guided through an amazing journey of unimaginable challenges, awakenings and miracles where along the way I became the vehicle to help others to rise up from some of the deepest states of hopelessness and bring them back to life. Through helping others I was also able to become aware of my own shadows and overcome them as well. For all of this I am forever grateful. So I want to continue awakening, growing and giving anything I can to anyone that is open to listen.

Ingrid Honkala, PhD.

To see a list of the most frequent questions and answers about my near-death experience, the Beings of Light and much more visit my website at frequently-asked-questions

Thanks so much for all your love and support.

Tons of Love, Light and Blessings,


In-Lak'esh (I am you in Mayan)

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